Today there are so many floors covering options available, and it can be tough to decide what to put on the floor. Every floor covering products can have its advantages and drawbacks. The options such as hardwood, polished concrete or tiles are ideal or some projects. In general, the hard flooring options lack a variety of styles, designs, textures and construction types, but there are many options available with the carpets. The carpet also has several distinct benefits when compared to the hard surfaces. The good quality carpets in Wollongong correctly specified, installed and maintained will keep its appearance for many years to come. The carpets also add several significant benefits to the indoor climate, important safety aspects, acoustic benefits and even increased energy efficiency.

    Benefits of using carpet

    The beauty, performance, value and sustainability of carpet make it the right choice for your home and office. Today the carpets that you get are environmentally friendly and even withstand the heavy foot traffic. Some of the benefits that you can get from having carpets are listed below.


    Despite the hard surfaces, the carpet has a style all its own. With the carpet, your options range from vibrant colours to expressive larger patterns in softer and neutral tones.

    From luxurious and elegant to casual and comfy, the different styles of carpets can give the space a beautiful look and create a different feel. For a formal room, you can choose the short-pile patterned carpet and also you can go with the long frieze for a more casual space.


    Have you ever noticed that after some time walking or standing on ceramic tiles or concrete makes your body sore and achy? Yes, indeed, the hard surfaces are just that hard. They will offer no flexibility underfoot. It cannot act as shock absorbers for your footsteps. All this means that walking across the hard surface floor; your body gets a bit of jolt each time you take a step. This is because your body rather than the foot absorbs the force of your impact.

    In addition to feeling nice to walk and sit and sometimes lay, thanks to the flexibility and the cushioning of the carpet as it provides shock absorption. This effect can be increased if there is an underpad beneath the carpet. All these points cover that carpet is more comfortable to touch and easier on the body when standing or walking on it over a long period.


    The carpet provides an excellent insulation value to space than that of the hard flooring materials. The underpad beneath the carpet has its own insulation value. The use of the underpad in conjunction with the carpet combines the insulation value of each material, thus giving greater overall insulation.

    The selection of the best carpets in Wollongong can help you save on the costs associated with heating a home such as electricity or natural gas. For the regions that experience cold winters, the carpets can be very useful as this could amount to big cost saving every year.


    Many people think that carpet aggravates or alleviates health problems such as asthma and allergies. But in actuality, the carpet is more beneficial than the hard surface floors for those with breathing difficulty.


    When there is no carpet in the space, the sound carries much further. Have you ever been in a room that is bare of the carpet and noticed that sound tends to bounce off the walls and create an echo in the room? The main reason for this is that the hard surfaces can’t absorb the sound the soft surfaces as carpets can.


    The hard surfaces can be slippery, and they are that good to land on when slips and falls do happen. The carpet not only provides a soft landing surface but is also especially helpful to prevent some falls, particularly on the stairs. Make sure you properly select the carpets as this increases safety by preventing many slips and falls.


    All the products will have a range of qualities and different price points. Therefore there is no particular floor covering type that is guaranteed to be more expensive or less expensive. Comparing the carpets with the hard flooring, the carpets cost much less than the hard surface floors.

    Also, the hard surface flooring requires special preparation before they can be installed. Carpets typically eliminate these concerns. It can be installed over various subfloors, which also serves a great deal of cost.

    Carpet installation: don’t try to go it alone

    When it comes to carpet installation, many homeowners try to save a bit on the budget by just attempting to install the carpet.  However, in the end, this could cost you more money than it saves.

    You would also have to invest in the specialized tools necessary for the carpet installation process. Therefore it is better to hire professional installers who already have the necessary tools and stand ready to get your carpet installed.

    For your carpet to be installed, the best option is to hire flooring installation professionals. And, Banddcarpetgalore is your best choice in that case as we have all types of quality carpets in Wollongong and its surrounding areas.


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