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High Quality Natural Timber Floors in Wollongong

Timber Flooring has always been considered as something that is TIMELESS!
No matter how plush your carpet is, the feeling from a timber floor beneath your feet is something that certain people love and there is no question about the popularity of timber flooring. When it comes to other flooring alternatives such as marble or mosaic, timber is always the first choice. The immense visual appeal of timber flooring isn’t the only reason behind its popularity. Compared to other flooring options, timber floors are much easier to maintain. One doesn’t have to face much of a hassle while cleaning them. When it comes to bringing about a natural look to the interiors of a house, our services on installation of timber flooring in Wollongong is considered to be the best in the industry. It can be applied in most lounge room settings and it can also be a great option for kitchens, laundries and studies. Probably the best thing about timber floors in Wollongong is that they are extremely durable which means that you can surely count on them for decades.

It is said that wooden flooring comes along with numerous advantages to its name and here are a few put out for you.

  • It provides elegance – Believe it or not, there is nothing better than timber floors that lends elegance to your house where its warm texture and the look makes you own a piece of luxury. It is known to improve the aesthetics of the house while making you feel good about its presence.
  • It is a worthy investment – Timber flooring, when compared to other flooring options is known to be expensive but is a worthy investment. It is something that is long lasting when compared to others and you do not have to spend money over and over again to replace it.
  • It is easy to clean – When it comes to comparing timber flooring to carpets, it is easier to clean whereas carpets are known to garner dust mites in them and cannot be cleaned daily. While timber flooring being water resistant, it doesn’t garner the presence of mould and fungi on them.

Over the years, we have gained expertise in timber flooring to serve our clients in the best possible manner. What’s more, the prices which we charge are extremely affordable which ensures that it’s well within everyone’s reach to hire our services.


We specialize in the below timber flooring;

  1. Blackbutt
  2. Rosegum and flooded gum
  3. Ironbark
  4. Bluegum
  5. Aussie reds

Having a natural look in house is a very popular option, we have a massive range a 5 minute drive from Wollongong CBD, contact us today to learn more.

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