• Most Affordable Carpets in Wollongong
    B & D Carpets Galore, we understand the fact that floors are capable of elevating the entire look of a house.

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  • Most Affordable Hybrid Flooring in Wollongong
    Hybrid Flooring is the latest Core Technology, it is a visual appeal of timber and combines the elements of laminate and vinyl which are waterproof, Durable & scratch and stain-resistant.

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  • Most Affordable Vinyl Flooring in Wollongong
    There is no denying the fact that over the last few years, there has been a noticeable transformation in the design aesthetics of vinyl flooring in Wollongong.

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  • Most Affordable Timber Floors in Wollongong
    Timber Flooring has always been considered as something that is TIMELESS!

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  • Most Affordable Blind in Wollongong
    we here at B & D Carpets Galore have been delivering a wide range of quality blinds & shutters at affordable prices

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  • Most Affordable Shutter in Wollongong
    We offer our customers the best quality shutters and we pride ourselves on reputation and competitive prices.

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Choosing the right flooring solutions for your home and office can be a daunting process. With such a wide range of top quality products on offer at B & D Carpets Galore Pty Ltd, we help make the decision process easier. Our in-house interior designers work closely with you to find the ideal textures, material and colours to complement your personal taste and existing décor.

Whether you need hard wearing carpets, floor tiles, timber floors, laminate or vinyl finishes, we have the best selection of flooring solutions in Fairy Meadow.

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