Are you moving into a new home and hoping to change the existing floor with some timber? Maybe you are looking to replace an old timber floor with something new. Whatever the case may be, there are a number of factors you should consider when choosing your timber flooring.

    Taking these factors into consideration is important because that timber floor would be a part of your home for a very, VERY long time. You really don’t want to rush into choosing one and then start regretting your choice in the next few weeks.

    With that said, below are the major factors to consider before settling on what timber flooring in Wollongong would be the perfect fit for your home.

    Appearance and Comfort

    One of the key factors you should consider is the look of your timber flooring and how it would feel in your home. The floor of your home is permanent, and unless you decide to do some renovations, you will be staring at and walking on the floor for a long time.

    You should carefully decide which look you prefer best, and how it complements the look of your home in general. Decide if you want a stained or natural finish.

    Also, consider the colour and grain of the timber flooring you want for your home.

    When it comes to the appearance or style of your floor, there are a number of key features to look out for. Below are some features to consider.

    • Texture and knots: Floors with less texture and knots give the home a more modern appearance, while floors with a lot of texture and knots give your home a countryside and serene feeling.
    • Plank size: The size of the plank also plays a major role. The small-sized planks tend to give your home a busy or cramped feeling, while a medium or large-sized plank makes your home feel more spacious.
    • Colour: Also, the colour of your timber flooring is crucial to the appearance of your home. Dark colours tend to give your home a feeling of elegance and sophistication, while mid-tone colours like grey have a sense of neutrality. Light colours, on the other hand, give your home a calm and tranquil feeling.


    Another thing you want to consider is how resistant your timber flooring is to stains, scratches and dents. You wouldn’t want to invest all your money into a timber flooring that dents or scratches easily.

    The durability of any timber flooring in Wollongong homes is majorly dependent on the nature of the species of the timber used and the finishing. Below are some major deterrents of the durability of timber flooring.

    • Stains: Resistance to stains largely depends on the finishing used on the timber flooring and also the texture of the flooring. Make sure to check for the nature of the finishing before choosing your flooring. Oil finishes usually absorb moisture which causes it to stain. Test your options on small samples before choosing your floor. Apply a small amount of food on the surface of your floor, clean it and see if any stain is left behind.
    • Scratches: The hardness and finishing of the flooring determine the level to which it can be scratched. Most timber floorings are made of Oak which is the hardest timber used for flooring. You can perform a scratch test by running a sharp object along the surface and take note of how easy it is scratched.
    • Dents: This is determined by the finishing, but majorly by the species of the flooring. No matter how hard your finishing is, if the species of timber used for the flooring isn’t strong enough, dents will easily form on it. You can check its resistance against dents by walking on test samples with heeled shoes to see if it easily dents.


    This is the characteristics or features of the floor. Make sure to take notice of the grain, size, colour and amount of knots the floor possesses. Grades can be regular or irregular, it all depends on your personal preference.


    There is always the need to consider the cost of the flooring you choose. Just like any product, there are cheap and expensive options. But in most cases, the cheap options tend to be substandard and at the end of the day, you might have to spend more money to replace it. Make sure to purchase your floor from a trustworthy store that has good knowledge about timber flooring and has been in the business for a long while. There are timber flooring experts in Wollongong you can approach for advice.


    The lifespan of any timber flooring is usually dependent on the wear layer. Timber floors that are thicker usually tend to last much longer and are usually more costly. The wear layer is typically the real timber area above the tongue. A good timber floor can last up to 20 years depending on the thickness of the wear layer, and how often you resand it.


    They may be height requirements needed to be met for the construction of your home. Before choosing your flooring, consult with your builder to find out the level of height required for your home before deciding the thickness to purchase.

    The above factors are the basic things you should consider before choosing your timber flooring. There are still quite a number of other things to consider, but in the end, it all depends on your preferred taste and needs. Thankfully, a good timber flooring contractor should be able to help you meet those needs. Contact one near you today and you would be just one step away from getting the timber flooring perfect for your home.

    Disclaimer: This is a generic Information & post; content about the services can be changed from time to time as per your requirements and contract. To get the latest and updated information, contact us today or visit our website.

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