It is quite common for people in Wollongong to consider different types of factors for selecting the best plantation shutters for residential and commercial buildings. Though many attributes determine the quality and durability of plantation shutters, the type of material used to manufacture the plantation shutters plays a vital role.

However, not all plantation shutters Wollongong provide the same durability, versatile and elegant look. Do you know, what are the types of materials used to manufacture the high-quality Plantation shutters? If you want to know about the types of best materials generally used to manufacture the plantation shutters, continue to read the manuscript.

  1. PVC plantation shutters 

As you know, PVC stands for poly Vinyl Chloride is one of the commonly preferred shutter materials for Households plantation shutters. One of the main disadvantages of PVC for plantation shutters, you can’t go for customization because of the edges with sealing caps. The people who want to install the plantation shutter Wollongong resistant to moisture and heat can go for the PVC shutters.

  1. Wooden shutters 

As the name indicates, the wooden plantation shutters are made from the single species of wood or in the combined form. The significant reason for using the wooden shutters Wollongong is because of its sturdy nature. Compared to plain wood shutters, the composite wooden shutters have higher durability and flexibility. When you are going with the composite wooden shutters, you can find a wide range of colours and customized designs, which adds beauty to your home. It is one of the plantation shutters materials that need less maintenance and ease of cleaning.

  1. Foamed synthetics 

Compared to wooden plantation shutters, the foamed synthetics have higher affordability. The foamed Louvre is resistant to fire and water. Apart from this, the foamed synthetics louvres will not release any toxic elements. Instead, you can significantly save the amount spent on energy bills because of its reliable insulation properties. Most of the foamed synthetics shutters coated with aluminium braces to prevent the shutters from sagging.

  1. Laminated shutters 

It is another type of plantation shutters made from the thin slats of wood glued together. In the laminated shutters Wollongong, the curtains are permanently fixed and stable and grab the attention of the inhabitants with its real wood like shutters. If you want to have some creative finishes like arts, paintings, staining, and wrapping, the best option is laminated shutters. Instead of hanging the arts and paintings on the wall, you can consider the laminated shutters.

  1. Medium-density Fiber

The medium density Fiber made from the sawdust material mixed with the glues, and moulded into the customized shapes and sizes. The Medium density Fibers available with various styles include wood, vinyl wrap, and painted finishes. When you want to spend fewer amounts from your pocket to shop the fashionable plantation shutters, you can go with Medium density Fibers. You need not put more effort to maintain, and it withstands the chipping and dampness.

  1. Alder Shutters 

Alder is nothing but a type of hardwood that offers high durability, strength, and damage resistance. The notable advantage of using the alder louvres is you can customize the material according to any design and imagination. When you want to change the colour of the alder shutters, you can easily paint it.

  1. Basswood shutters 

It is the type of plantation shutters offer a high level of flexibility and strength. Here, also you can go for customized designs.


Hope, you get to know about the types of materials used for the manufacturing of plantation shutters. You have to consider the above-mentioned points while selecting the plantation shutters for your homes and commercial buildings.

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