If you are looking to refurbish a room, why don’t you start with window shutters? They are an extremely versatile choice and can suit excellently in a bedroom, living room, or even a kitchen. They can be fitted on a budget- they come in every colour you can imagine, keep your home warm in winter, enable you to control light levels in your room, and provide required privacy as well as outside views.

    Plantation shutters in Woonona provide the correct finishing touch to your windows, in spite of their shape or size. These shutters are exceedingly flexible and look very stylish. But selecting the elegant window shutter from an assortment of colours can be actually overwhelming.

    It is hard to choose the best one because of a continual variety of styles, tilt options, materials, louvre size, and exciting colour choices.

    Where Can You Fit Plantation Shutters? 

    Obviously, you can install them in any room, but if you have a restricted budget, fix them at the front of your home, as they produce a kerb appeal and will impart a great first impression when someone visits your home.

    If you have a home office, it is an ideal place to install window shutters. It will help to keep your workplace at a comfortable temperature throughout the year; they can filter daylight to minimise glare from computer screens during the day. Select accessible tilt rods so you can adjust them without any excessive effort.

    Also, plantation shutters are a great option for a bathroom, letting in light while providing privacy. They are not like fabric window treatments, which are difficult to clean regularly- as they can be cleaned regularly right at the place installed. Make certain the shutters you are choosing should be moisture resistant, and they should be finished in paint or lacquer to keep the finish safe from wearing down in a damp environment.

    And one thing you should remember is that even if you have installed shutters, you can have curtains too. Café-style shutters look amazing with matching curtains.

    Shutter Material

    Generally, shutters are available in hard timber, fast grown-up woods like basswood, wood compositions like MDF, and plastics like polyvinyl. 

    The material you choose for the shutter will depend on the look and appeal you want; your budget as solid wood has the highest price while wood composites have the lowest and the room you want to furnish. All materials do not suit every room. For example, polyvinyl is a moisture and warp resistant material, so it is suitable for bathrooms.

    Shutters To Flatter Your Window Shape

    Before you go out to buy shutters, take a look at your window style and layout, as the plantation shutter panels you choose should complement the window shapes. Shutters are more flexible than other window coverings- they can be installed on any window shape, even circular or triangular areas. Also, they can be folded back easily to expose the window casing, while blinds and curtains will usually cover some part of the window. It means that feature windows can be displayed to impress, and uncomfortable windows become a centre of attraction, not a nuisance at all.

    Shutter Style

    Full-Height Window Shutters – They cover the whole part of the window and open as a single unit. Sometimes, they have a mid-rail, so you can handle the slats above and below separately.

    Café-Style Plantation Shutters- They only cover the lower portion of the windows, letting in maximum daylight entering the room while still providing some privacy. If you want to save some money, they are just perfect. Because you are covering less space, so their overall costs will be lower. These are the best for important spaces like dining or living rooms. Also, they can be installed on bay windows in continuous coordinating panels to look lighter than curtains.

    Tier-On-Tier Shutters- These shutters cover the complete window, but you can independently open the top or bottom easily. 

    Solid Shutters- They generally extend from top to bottom as a single unit. They are great for period homes as they help to keep out draughts while also suiting children’s bedrooms because they are more effective than black-out blinds.

    Tracked Shutters- These shutters slide open on a track and are perfect for patio doors, as they concertina back whenever you don’t want them. They are not suitable for windows that have a sill.

    Select Colourful Shutters

    It is not important that shutters should be white. You can choose a shutter’s colour that matches the exact paint shade you love. However, be perfectly sure about the colour before you install them, as it will be for long-term and you cannot change them frequently if you don’t like it.

    Colourful plantation shutters also make a great statement in place of a feature wall in a small room and are perfect for creating a central point. You can also apply a matching paint colour on the adjacent walls or maintain a pattern to add some curiosity to your children’s bedrooms. Also, solid shutters help to make rooms cosy during winter and cool in summer and block outside noise to ensure a good night’s sleep.

    If you coordinate your window shutters with the adjacent walls and wooden work, it can make a compact space look larger. Painting them in the same colour will give a flawless sense, particularly with the closed louvres. Choose concealed tilt rods and hidden hinges for the least visual distraction. It will allow you to move one of the louvres with one finger, and the others will follow.

    French Window Shutters

    French windows look really natural in place of extensions for open-plan kitchens but can create an issue at night when they seem like a large expanse of black. You add some curiosity with tracked plantation shutters, which can be drawn right back to provide a complete view or access of outside landscape, and will also provide required ventilation as per your needs on warm days without allowing in the pests.


    Shutters work as a superb window accessory. To suit your window design and decoration purpose, make an appropriate selection by going through all the shutter options available in the market. A superior shutter style can present an outstanding curb appeal to your home.

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